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Jan. 1st, 2019 12:27 pm
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Where else can you find me?

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After finishing the first draft of my FIRST EVER 10K FIC, I've got it printed and have edited about a quarter of it. So far, even with minor mistakes and notes on scenes to rework, I'm enjoying the story and can't wait to read more. That may change the deeper I get into this and as the conflict leading to the buttsex heats up.

I've checked my fic records for this fic and it turned out that I spent exactly a month writing the first draft. This means that I need the margin of time in between chapters to think through the plot and that I'm far from capable of completing the NaNoWriMo challenge. I don't have to aim towards that though, especially when I'm deliberately focusing on a project that's not 'time sensitive' and that I have to post asap in order to catch a captive audience.

Taking writing slow and steady also gives me more room to experiment and really think about what I want to have written. In the writing of my draft, taking the 10 days of 30 just to think and sort out my worries enabled me to be better at the aspects of writing I thought I'd be really bad at. For one, I liked the exposition/worldbuilding bits!

Finishing Kyoryuger (8 eps), LuPat (5 eps) & Time Force (7 eps)

On top of that, I started 4 eps of Metalder, yet another Metal Heroes series >_> The toku franchise that's probably the least female fan friendly of them all. Speaking of Metal Heroes, I keep thinking about the latest Space Squad movie (Gavan VS Dekarangers) and its potential for kinkfic. Too bad that there's already a fic in the tag or else I can focus on it to come up with a PWP for the upcoming Be The First Challenge.

Maybe I need to accept that I can do away with the plot of tokusatsu. For shows I'm watching the first time, it might be worth watching the endgame just to know how it unfolds. But for shows I'm rewatching, I might as well skip to the end and over the parts I'm uninterested in.

Binged minutephysics' vids on Youtube & started Philip K. Dick's Ubik

The scifi research continues! I'm engrossed in Ubik and just reached the part where the serious shit goes down (one-third through the book). As per my case with the classics, I don't really like any of the main characters. That may not be a problem for me since I'm mostly into this for the worldbuilding.

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There's good news and bad news regarding the development of my latest Timeranger fic.

Bad news: INFO DUMP FALLING LIKE ROCKS FROM THE SKY. Sometimes I ask myself if this fic needs this much worldbuilding to connect one sex scene to the next. Then again, I'd have a much harder time portraying the development of Naoto and Tatsuya's relationship if they aren't doing anything else important in their lives. Since they're such driven guys, it'd be more believable for them to have the mental space to work on better relating to each other once they've made a dent on growing in other areas.

So, I'd just have to keep working on pasting up my scifi one day at a time =/ All my years of only skimming the sex scenes of Manna's The Administration series and little of the plot are catching up to me. As I muddle through the expository sentences, I'm amazed at how many ideas I've gathered for this verse since coming up with it in the middle of Meidi-ya.

Good news: ONE MORE PAGE TO GO. Until I complete this draft! I continue to turn my restless mind inside out for a way to end this on an intriguing note and get prepared for the slog of editing.

Karaoke video for TimeFire's Theme nearly done!

New video coming up! I've been planning to make a karaoke video using Powerpoint with each slide containing a screencap + three lines - the Japanese lyric, the Japanese lyric in Hiragana for singing along and the English translation.

What's left for this project is to decide what to put for 20-secs the Instrumental bits. I'm thinking of putting more Japanese info on it and my own translation, but I put it off cause it's nerve-wracking ;_;

With this done, that means I'd have one more Timeranger fanwork prepared for next year's 20th anniversary. By then, I'd have moved on to another show and who knows what it'll be...

Re-watched more than half of Kyoryuger

Randomly decided to rewatch my first Sentai. I still haven't made headway on figuring out my problem with finishing Sentai shows -- only 7 more Time Force episodes to go and the entire LuPat endgame to go through. It's not worth stressing over completing shows, so as with my usual pattern, I shall just play what I need for the day to lift my mood.

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Sneezing, scifi & scribbling

About 6 more days to go until I finish this story. This is the longest I have spent on a single fanfiction project.

Writing, more than creating in any other kind of medium, requires much more patience when it comes to creating more than a 100-word drabble which I can now finish in the same amount of time it takes me to complete a simple gifset. Even if I don't make it to the finish line, I'd have cultivated my patience more than if I chose to create more graphics or do something else.

A bout of runny nose and cough got me to slow down and think more about the words I'm putting down. Done with the main action of the fic, I went back to the start to do some scifi-ish worldbuilding. It's trickier than I thought, leading me back to seek out published work for references.

Read Joan Silber's The Art of Time in Fiction

Found this in a rec from this DW post on the problem of transitions. It's a thin little volume that can be finished in a couple of sittings. There's an analysis of a book called Einstein's Dreams on how time works differently in different worlds which I plan to check out next.

7 more episodes of Time Force to go!

I still can't wrap my head around my problem with finishing Sentais, but I don't want to leave more shows unfinished, so I just clicked on the next episode and continued.

Alex, like Ryuuya, is a dick, but at least not one with some kind of latent God Complex. The differences between the two and their direction of the Rangers' actions is what differentiates the Sentai and the adaptation, both in terms of plot points and themes. Fans who attempt to compare the two could hammer home even more the contrasting roles of Red's 30th Century Descendant, but maybe it doesn't really matter since both shows are well-known enough to get new people to watch (and re-watch) each year.
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Finished first buttsex scene of 2019!
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15 more episodes for PR Time Force

I'm reaching the arc where Red's descendant appears in present day, which is not my favourite part of Timeranger :/

The endgame in Sentai shows is hard for me to watch, which is one of the reasons why I tend to leave shows unwatched from Ep 40+ onwards. (For the present LuPat, I'm stuck at Ep 41). It's not that I'm too attached and don't want the show to ever end; maybe it's just that I prefer the sitcom premises of the show to having to watch one episode filled with plot after another.

Working on a Sentai recs blog

It'll be a low-commitment one so I won't feel too much pressure about updating. Since I've gotten better at reccing shows that aren't my personal favourites, I'm thinking of giving this project a shot. Whatever will come of it will probably still have a large emphasis on my personal favourites, for if I feel compelled to self-censor myself, I'd probably give up on creating updates.

Making a Twitter account to spread my entries on social media seems necessary, but I don't want to engage with current, fast-paced social media anymore tbh. Still thinking what to do for self-promotion, or if it's necessary at all if the recs serve a dual purpose of logging what I've watched and liked.
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*Amy and Jake's roleplay sex as the heroine from Die Hard (I think? Not familiar with Die Hard) and the guy who invented the Dewey Decimal System. Amy had the scenario all planned out before their honeymoon and I'm guessing Jake cobbled up the costume--consisting of round glasses, suit and cane--to return the favour.

Amy: "Oh God, this is really doing it for me..."
(2 minutes later)
Amy: "Okay, this is getting difficult, let's just take our clothes off"
--Paraphrased dialogue

*Jake on Holt's joke shirt: "Is the pineapple the slut or is it calling someone a slut?"
Why can't it be both, Jake?

*Rosa (sweetly) imitating Terry's 'top dog' salute. "Awr Awr!"

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One cap for each of these prompts:
01. Fav character
02. Ship
03. Eye-catching shot
04. Badass moment
05. Tearjerker
06. Eye candy
07. Team bonding
08. Reaction image
09. Fav line/episode
10. Funny expression

Contains major spoilers.
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Prompt: Talk about why you participated in Snowflake &/or what you got out of it.

At last, the final day of this year's Snowflake Challenge has come. I was resolved to complete all the prompts yet I didn't think I'd actually do it and even stayed up late to finalize my posts. It's a good time to reflect on what I've achieved through the past two weeks of daily posting and sharing.

More content for my long neglected DW. Like many other DW users, I've created my DW years ago to participate in a fandom event and never bothered to fill it up with entries. Now, I've got my thoughts and a few fanworks up, and even hosted some discussion in the comments of my original posts.

Picked up new skills. I thought I'd just practice writing casual entries for an audience. I'd never have expected to have picked up vidding - an activity I tried once and thought I'd never do again due to its time intensive nature. Yet here at the finish line, I've managed to complete a couple of video edits, a shippy one and a non-shippy one which I've shared on Youtube. In looking up and tinkering with the code to share my vids on DW, I managed to practice some coding as well!

Connected with fans from my small fandom. A big shoutout to [personal profile] evilinsanemonkey and [personal profile] silveradept! I really enjoyed our conversations on tokusatsu. Us meeting made it worth it for me to just pile on the squee and thinky thoughts for tokusatsu (and the 2000 Sentai that's my current obsession) despite being unsure how many people out there would know the fandom.

Before today, I found myself redoing a couple of Snowflake prompts. I guess you can find me doing that at one point or another in 2019 to show my love for my fandom no matter who's watching. Until next time, everyone!
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Prompt: In your own space, talk about what you think the future holds for fandom.

That time I tried to change the future, Game Master style

I've done lots of 'fortune-telling' for my fandom based on yearly patterns of my fandom's activity on AO3.

The year will end with about 15 Explicit fics posted in the fandom tag. The total number of fics for the most popular pairing will not exceed one third of the fics in the fandom tag. At the time when the series goes off the air, the second most popular pairing will not have more than one page of fics (<20).

After gathering the data (to practice Excel hacks and become employable), I set out to change the fandom's future by breaking the recurrent patterns. I deliberately made sure that there were 15 Explicit fics in the fandom tag before the show's second quarter begins. I started writing early in the show's run and posted about a fic a week for my ship so it may end up with the same number of fics as what will eventually arise as the most popular pairing.

By the end of the show's run, there were about 40+ Explicit fics not written by me. What was the actual most popular ship wasn't clear from the fandom's statistics alone due to the high number of fics that I've racked up for my ship (that is actually unpopular).

The pattern has been broken and it gives me faith that other fandom-wide patterns, those unrelated to fanfic, can be broken too. Maybe I'm taking the message from the show to 'change your fate' too seriously in applying it to this hobby. But I'm still going to continue looking out for and disrupting patterns that don't help me grow.

The future of fandom may be unpredictable, but I believe my future in fandom will certainly involve going back to the past - looking at what has been done and what I can do differently to see more interesting sights.
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#1. Fav character
#2. Ship
#3. Eye-catching shot
#4. Badass moment
#5. Tearjerker
#6. Eye candy
#7. Team bonding
#8. Reaction image
#9. Fav line/episode
#10. Funny expression

Redoing yet another prompt from the Snowflake Challenge. Gonna try finishing this one on my own before promoting it to anyone else who may be interested.
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Prompt: In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private.

Writing a traditional 'to-do' list makes me feel like I'm forcing myself into doing things I actually want to do, which doesn't make sense. So instead of listing 'to-dos' for the year, I'll write a note to self of the habits and practices that I know has helped me apply my skills and create what I want since I've been an active contributor in fandom.

My ultimate goal is to keep up as best as I can the following habits and practices:

(01) Binge watch less than 15 episodes a day.

Despite the strong temptation to finish a series, especially a 50 eps show, as soon as possible, I need time over days to pick up the little details to enjoy both the worldbuilding and characterization.

(02) Write 10k words of fic for a ship before declaring said ship to be my OTP.

Shipping is srs business for me as it's the central pillar of my fanwork creation activities. Before comitting to one ship, I'd best make sure that I can think a lot and have enough to say about it for a significant amount of time.

(03) Never 'vanity google'.

Peering into social media (mainly Twitter) to see what non-commenters are talking about my work is like looking back at the ruins of the city and turning into a pillar of salt. I'd get salty from reading comments on my writing and creative choices that weren't left on my fics themselves, and so aren't meant for my eyes in the first place. I used to be able to know how to find those hurtful tweets through Twitter's advanced search, going back in time to the painful moments even if the critics have long moved on.

I've taken care to avoid vanity googling even in moments where I crave more concrete feedback for my work. Anyone who cares about my writing and my ship--my intended audience--will have left actual comments for me to read and reply to, and there's no reason for me to seek more validation from strangers who don't really care.

(04) When starting a new web account, create text/written content first before graphics.

Otherwise, it's too easy to endlessly avoid the hard work of writing in favour of tinkering with Photoshop/Canva.

(05) Write smut regardless of whether there's an audience for it.

Same with shipping, writing smut is integral to my fannish identity and mental well-being. As long as I can be left alone in my own space, I shall allow myself to write as much smut and kinks as I want as an act of self-care.
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What am I going to do once Snowflake Challenge is over? :'(

11 prompts completed, 4 more to go. After making a video for one of the day's prompts, I made another video soon after. So maybe I can try doing the prompts over and over again when I've got no idea for new entries. I'll definitely miss the rush to complete the day's prompt (not a must, just a personal challenge) and waking up to receiving encouraging comments.

Got to keep journaling and commenting!

I won't call myself a vidder yet

Made two Timeranger videos - a shippy one and a Timefire transformation compilation which I've posted on Youtube. Both made using free software such as Spark Adobe! I'm not only proud of myself for finishing the videos, but also because I managed to get writing done and not get distracted by shiny new skills.

Fic After Fic

Completed the fifth drabble for [community profile] 100words! I nearly couldn't think up a scenario for this week's prompt, but then I got inspired by the Time Force episode in which Wes and Eric go back to the Jurassic age for V-Rex. I thought Tatsuya and Matoi were sent back in time to walk with dinos in Timeranger VS GoGoV, but it turned out that they just walked with cavemen >.> Oh well.

Since I'm pants at scifi, I'm likely gonna continue borrowing from Time Force (with credits) for future Timeranger fics.
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Prompt: In your own space, talk about your creative process(es) — anything from the initial inspiration to how you feel after something’s done.

The end and beginning of my creative process for writing fic is updating my fic tracker. At the start of each month, I set aside a page in my Moleskine to tracking my growth as a fic writer.

I've started making a fic tracker each month in December 2017 and kept up the practice since then. Putting the completed tracker of December 2017 and December 2018 side by side, I can see how I've developed as a writer in how I've developed my system.

I've decided to only track the factors in my writing that lead to more inspiration, motivation and happiness. At the start, my goal was to hit 10k words/month and so I tracked the total number of words written at the bottom of the page.

The first time I hit my 10k words/month goal in March 2018, I was happy. Every month, I would reset the number of words written to 0 and write my way to 10k. I started getting stressed on whether I'd meet my monthly goal each month, though I always did for a while.

So I stopped tracking my overall progress in terms of word count. I experimented with mood trackers for a while to track whether my mood was up/down on a certain day in which I've written.

I've took this further by starting a mood tracking journal. It's a small notebook for my private thoughts and grievances about writing and publishing in fandom, also including my interpretations of characters and OTPs that I'm still developing for a fic project. I colour code my entries to correspond with my mood for the day - hot pink for pleased and emerald green for troubled. Each entry is numbered and I'll record the number of the entry in my Moleskine fic tracker at the end of the day.

Lately, here's what I'm tracking to make myself happier through writing:

  • Meeting my 500words/day daily quota

  • My mood tracking entries

  • When I've published a fic on AO3/DW

  • No. of days taken to complete a fic

  • How far I'm along in a fic

  • Fics posted/worked on each month (on the right page)

I've found that posting entries on DW makes me more mindful about my processes and my mood when engaging with fandom. Once Snowflake Challenge is over, I may start tracking my DW activities to stay on track with this new journaling habit.
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It's not everyday that you get a Live Action Fix-It which involves your otp living happily every after...in America. Yet going through Time Force, I'm more and more drawn to the canon het >.>

I like Tatsuya and Yuuri's relationship well enough in their shared two-parter. After the show begins setting them up as an actual couple, most of the time their dynamics get reduced to a simplified version of romance that four or five-year-olds can understand. I don't find that to be the case for Wes/Jen (so far) and it helps that the show starts hinting at their compatibility right from the beginning, in the episodes showing Jen's rebellious side before they've even met.

And I'm shipping Eric/Mr. Collins a little bit?? Wouldn't be surprised if Eric (not so) secretly finds Mr. Collins to be a DILF. Unlike Kobayashi who stated that she wrote Naoto as actually wishing that he and Tatsuya can be 'brothers from another mother,' Eric doesn't seem to have a secret desire to be Mr. Collins' son. Plus that scene when Mr. Collins praised Eric's ambition and they shook hands...

I won't even try searching online for a PRTF fic with this post's title. I know I'd end up disappointed and make empty promises to write it myself, so I'd rather just imagine that it exists out there.
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Prompt: Create a fanwork.

Created 5 Reaction Gifs of Takizawa Naoto for today's prompt, all under 3MB so they can be used on Tumblr.

SMUG >:)

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CW: Blood.
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Prompt: Commit an Act of Kindness. In your own space, share what you’ve done, talk about what you’ve done, or simply leave a comment in this post saying you did it.

When I first joined tokusatsu fandom, I acted like fanfiction grew on trees. Now that I've written about 100k+ words of fic for the fandom spanning across three different shows/ships, I know that's not the case. Though I feel like I'm planting a forest whenever I start writing all the fic for a new show and ship.

Today, I've decided to thank the excellent moderators of the Toku Holidays exchange for motivating fans to get out of their comfort zone and write great stories for their fellow fans. I've done so by creating promotional material for their next run - fic teasers for all the fics posted in the 2018 collection for sharing on tumblr and Twitter.

In an email to the mods, I've sent an attachment of:
-Fic teasers for tumblr & Twitter sized to the current optimum dimensions for the respective platforms
-Fic teaser templates
-A Word Document with the accompanying caption & links to the fics for copy+pasting on tumblr & Twitter
-Two screenshots as samples of how the fic teaser + caption would look like on tumblr & Twitter

Fic Teaser Templates

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I've told the mods that I haven't shared any of the fic teasers so I won't repost the ones I made for other writers here. I'll just share the teaser I made for my fic - to best represent my writing style and the ship, I only took a screenshot of the 6.9MB (way too large for tumblr) GIF that I've embedded in the fic instead of a fic excerpt.

(Phew, I sure feel like I went through a Sentai mecha upgrade episode.)
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So it seems that the 'try something new' prompt from Snowflake Challenge has made a vidder out of me. If I ever complete 10 fanvids (2 down, 8 more to go), maybe I'll feel legit enough to say I'm a vidder and add 'edits videos' to my mini-bio on my Welcome post.

When I tried to share this vid on tumblr, it got flagged the very second I hit post (wtf). I've uploaded it on Youtube and for now let's see if Toei will get it taken down. I mourn for my very first fanvideo (Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, Kinji/Takaharu) that got taken down from vimeo and which I don't have a back-up copy of due to my hard drive being wiped ;_; I've since learned my lesson and backed up important fanwork on Dropbox.
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Prompt: Stretch yourself a little and try something new. Go play in a new fandom or with a new pairing. Try working in a new medium. Or check out some fanworks that are new to you.

New things I tried for today's challenge:
-Created a fanvideo for my otp
-Using free online tools that I don't need to DL on my PC (Adobe Spark, sites for cutting videos/trimming mp3s/removing sound from video clips)
-Set to the rap+bridge of a K-Pop song (Shinhwa's "Perfect Man")

Timeranger Fanvideo: Perfect Rival

Why K-pop? For this ship it's justified cause one of them is an actual chaebol heir.

And like Chekhov's gun, the code for embedding video that I've uncovered for Day 3 came in handy. Yay!
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Prompt: In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

Being used to small fandoms and creating all the content, my fannish wishlists tend to be more like to-do lists these days. One of my greatest fannish wishes is for tokusatsu fandom to have another active, thriving kink meme - a wish that no individual fan can fulfill alone.

Throughout the years, the fandom has had multiple Kamen Rider/Super Sentai/Ultraman/General tokusatsu kink memes that rarely stayed active for long unlike the long-running franchises of the source materials themselves. Below is my wishlist for the running of a new kink meme that could potentially last for a year or two.

Tokusatsu Kink Meme Wishlist

(01) Hosted on Dreamwidth with detailed tutorials on how kink memes work. Topics for the meta/tutorials can include: Tracking DW threads, writing short vs detailed prompts, writing short & satisfying fills etc. So newer fans can take advantage of the platform's features (that AO3 doesn't have) and be braver about writing prompts/creating fills.

(02) Top level threads with titles of each show. To allow tracking of the shows that you're interested in prompting and filling for.

(03) An associated AO3 Collection and Twitter account for notifications of new fills. For continuous promotion of the kink meme and fics created for it.

(04) Chat post for discussion of kinks and how to write/draw them. A free-for-all space to ask for help on the technical details and share recs of existing fics/art that focuses on niche kinks to learn from them.

(05) Affiliation with fanwork exchanges. I've been thinking that it's a waste that many cool and delicious requests in exchanges have been left unfilled, so why not reuse them as prompts for a kink meme? Plus as the requests for exchanges roll out, the kink meme may be a good avenue for practicing writing/drawing certain characters/ships. This way, the fanwork exchanges and kink meme can work in tandem to create a healthy fanwork ecosystem.